One Layer At A Time

“Alice”, a woman in her late 50’s, came to see me for the first time.  She had been suffering from severe fatigue, neck pain, sinus problems, and digestive issues. When doing the initial scan of her body, I noticed how difficult it was to even read her tissue. Upon questioning, she admitted that she does not drink much water.  I explained to her the importance of hydration not just for optimal energy levels, but also for proper digestion and nervous system function.

Working on a dehydrated body is difficult and slow work.  Like trying to wade through quicksand or molasses.  It takes so much more work on the part of the client’s body for the tissue to release.  Why? Because our tissues are mostly water.

I plodded slowly and with focused intention through the dehydrated terrain.  We even had a small SomatoEmotional Release where an awareness arose that her body was holding a message that said, “It is Not OK to feel well.  You don’t get what you need when you feel well.”  This message was learned in childhood.  This was an opening for her into what her soul programming is.  Her life history is a laundry list of “un-wellness.” And that provided her with secondary gain – through the illness, she got attention.

At the end of the session, she looked slightly disappointed.  I asked her how she felt and she replied, “well definitely less stressed and a bit lighter, but I thought more would happen.” Most clients  are happy and grateful for decreased stress levels.

She was looking for a huge life changing release, which would have thrown her in to a healing crisis (meaning she would have gotten really sick) if she got the kind of release she was looking for.  I explained that our bodies will peel things away one layer at a time – like the layers of an onion.  Sometimes the layer will be tissue thin and other times it will be thicker.

I reminded her that while I have my hands on her body, I am not doing anything TO HER, but FOLLOWING what her body and tissues want and need to do for her journey towards wellness.  I assist the body in releasing stored stress, tension, injury, emotion and energy.  The body has it’s own innate wisdom that guides the session.  So, while in her mind, she was ready to move at breakneck speed to get well, her body’s wisdom knew that it took years of accumulating stuff to get to the dysfunctional place that it is in now.  Her body also knows that it must release these layers slowly and safely, so she can process the releases effectively and with some conscious awareness.  The body will NEVER release anything that it is not mentally, physically or emotionally capable of handling at that moment in time.

When on your healing journey, remember to be patient as your body releases things safely, ONE LAYER AT A TIME.