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Feedback for working with infants, children and pregnant moms

My 6 week old son favored turning his head to the right.  He might have been positioned that way in utero, as his right ear was a little flattened.  He didn’t seem uncomfortable but I have been worried about the shape of his head and his over all comfort. He’s been to the chiropractor three times since birth and there have been no improvements.  That’s when I remembered a friend suggesting CranioSacral work with Hilary.    Not only is Hilary lovely and personable, but she was so gentle and loving towards my son.  I could see him react positively to her touch and energy immediately.  Ever so gently her hands spoke to his body asking the tissues to relax where tension had built.  I was thrilled to notice almost immediately once we got home that he was comfortably turning his head to the left!  After placing him in his bassinet for bed that night, I gazed at him fast asleep with his head turned to the left where previously, it had always gone right.  I am so happy with the outcome of our visit and I will certainly be visiting with Hilary again.” Jesika – new mom

“My 3 week old was struggling with torticollis and was recovering from a posterior tongue tie revision. Both of these issues were making breastfeeding a struggle. I learned that CST could help relax the baby’s muscles, especially in the jaw and neck, to help the mouth open wider to achieve a better latch. I noticed improvement after the first visit. Her mouth opened slightly wider, her shoulders appeared a bit more relaxed.  We saw further improvement after the second visit (at 5 weeks old). As she grew, I noticed how flat and misshapen her head was due to always laying on one side. She also hated tummy time. We went back for two more visits with Hilary at 15 and 17 weeks.  After our third visit, my baby’s tummy time improved drastically.  She no longer hated it and would tolerate it for far longer than she had in the past.  There was even more improvement in neck and body movement and flexibility after the fourth visit.  I am a firm believer in complimentary therapies such as CST for total health and wellbeing. I think every baby could benefit from some CST. Hilary has such a warm personality and shares a soothing energy during her sessions.  I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone looking for CST, especially to new mommies out there for their infants.”  Lauren, new mom

“Hilary is a lifesaver! I am so grateful for all she has done for myself and my family’s well-being. During my pregnancy, I began to experience terrible pelvic pain, and was afraid I would continue to suffer in pain with limited movement throughout my pregnancy. After one visit with Hilary, I was beyond thrilled to find that my pelvic pain was GONE! I was thankful to be able to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy – pain free!   After giving birth to my daughter, I was looking forward to establishing a breastfeeding relationship with her the way I did with my first daughter. However, she was diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie, which explained why I was having such a difficult time feeding her and was experiencing pain. I brought her in and Hilary was able to help her release the tension in her neck and shoulders so she was able to latch pain-free! I am so thankful to have found such an amazing healer for myself and my family. I am a client for life!” – Trina, Mom and business woman.

We came to Hilary when all of our other options were getting exhausted.  My baby was fussy, colicky and very uncomfortable laying flat on her back in addition to all of the typical tied-baby feeding issues. My daughter looked at Hilary, looked at me, inhaled deeply and relaxed completely in Hilary’s arms as she exhaled.  Hilary then had me get on the massage table and breastfeed my daughter while side-lying.  We were never able to breastfeed in this position before and my daughter started to get agitated almost immediately.  Hilary looked at the both of us, struggling to connect and placed her hands us both. I felt like a wall fell between me and my daughter.  She nursed lying next to me for the first time ever and I just laid there quietly melting away in my daughter’s calm breath, feeling her little body relaxed and calm against mine like never before. My fussy daughter who didn’t let anyone near her face or mouth was completely comfortable with Hilary who is so supportive and understanding. The improvements were visible right after the first session with Hilary, however we continued our sessions and saw even greater improvements with each consecutive session. – Y.R.

“Since your treatment, my son has been doing better and better! He has been gaping wide and latching the first time every time we feed! My nipple pain is basically gone! Hallelujah! We were also able to swaddle his arms down the week after the treatment and it’s helped him not wake himself up at night as much. He’s falling asleep easier and starting to do 5 or 6 hour stretches finally!

I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points but it’s been really wonderful all of the improvements we’ve seen over the last few weeks, both for him and for our sanity as parents. I actually am enjoying feeding him consistently for the first time since we started this journey. Thank you so much for your help! It’s been a life saver!” – Jessi

Reviews from Grown-Ups!

“Hilary is gifted. Her ability to heal is remarkable. After being in a car accident in early May 2023,  I added Hilary’s healing therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. My injuries included a concussion, headaches, and back pain. I believe my injuries healed quicker because I attended a session with Hilary each week. She instinctually and intuitively located the source of my pain and helped my body heal. Hilary is genuine and makes you feel completely comfortable. I am grateful to have found her and to have been helped by her.” Laurie H. – Mom and OT

“I have internal damage from cancer treatments and am struggling with chronic pain and extreme fatigue. I also have some extreme family stressors. My sessions with Hilary are a healing sanctuary for me. I can walk in stressed, hobble in in pain, crawl in so exhausted that I can barely stand and, no matter what, I walk out of my healing session feeling calm, whole, safe and hopeful.  I continue to live under extremely stressful circumstances. Without Hilary’s compassion, kindness and skill, I am convinced that I would not have survived!” Rose – Mom

“I first came to see Hilary for problems with migraine headaches. I have suffered with them for many years. I no longer wanted to take all the medications that the doctors had prescribed for me. None of them had really helped and I hated the side effects. After only 2 sessions with her, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the headaches. I could not believe it! Specifically, I have had no more vomiting episodes (which I usually had with every headache). After each session, I felt very relaxed, both physically and mentally. There was one session where I came in feeling extremely stressed, but left feeling very mellow. Hilary has a unique way of making me feel very comfortable when I feel stressed and her skills as a CST are amazing! She truly has a gift.” – Brenda – Medical Records Analyst

“I was suffering from pain and stiffness from a pinched nerve, bad muscle spasms, and herniated disks in my lower back and neck. All of this had been caused when I was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident. I had seen the chiropractor for care for almost two months but to no avail. It was to the point that he wasn’t even able to adjust me. Nothing would move. I then went to see Hilary. It was wonderful! After just a couple of visits with Hilary my chiropractor was noticing that he was actually able to adjust me a bit again. I would walk out of her office feeling like a million bucks every time. And being able to use the MELT Method at home has also been a huge help for my day to day pain. Hilary is absolutely wonderful. She has such a keen sense about people and really treats the whole person.” Michelle, teacher

“Hilary is a true healer. Her intuitive touch impresses and amazes me every time we work together. As I arrive stressed, frazzled and manic, she is already prepared to address my needs. She has a keen understanding of what will relax me, balance me and finally set me free from my pain. No other prescription has ever really met my needs,” ~ Marcia, artist-teacher-mother.

“When I came to see Hilary I was dealing with neck pain and limited range of motion. My neck pain came suddenly and was very disrupting.  It got in the way of my work. After the session, my neck pain was completely gone and I felt a lot more relaxed.  During the session, some deeper emotional traumas came to the surface and it felt good to release them. Hilary was able to help me with my neck pain in just one session, but I know I’ll be back for more sessions! As a therapist, I found Hilary to be gentle, focused, intuitive, understanding, and trustworthy.  She combined a number of different techniques, which makes for a true holistic approach.  I had never had visceral manipulation, although I knew a lot about it.  To feel changes on a visceral level was fascinating.” ~ Susannah, Acupuncturist

“Hilary has helped me in immeasurable ways, she has a special gift for connecting with people in a way that is both deep and supporting for their body and mind. I saw Hilary semi-regularly over 2 1/2 years and her sessions can best be described as a perfect mix of therapeutic body work, ( which put me into a very relaxed meditative state,) and spiritual/life/soul coaching, all done in the most gentle and supportive environment. Hilary has a special gift that few others possess. The true benefits come after repeated sessions, but I take away something new every time. Hilary comes with my highest recommendations for those who want to get their physical and emotional lives back in balance.” Jacob, college grad

“I loved working with Hilary. She was recommended to me by a friend and bodywork trainer to help me address back pain and other issues. Hilary was so warm and welcoming she put me at ease right away. I’d never done this work before, and I loved it. Hilary listened to what I said AND what my body said. She is truly an expert at what she does, and brings a wealth of information and intuition to the session. She helped me understand and heal a number of things (and I always wanted to stay there on the table just a little longer…).  Jennifer – Professional Organizer

“When I came to see Hilary, I was dealing with lots of stress from relationship issues, divorce, loss of my main job and other issues. I was having physical symptoms such as neck pains, chest pains and emotional symptoms such as depression and anxiety.  I was unable to fully concentrate on projects that I needed to work on. After the first few session, I felt my inner self grow calmer, anxiety dissipated, pains were lessened and I felt much more harmonious inside. As the sessions progressed, I was able to feel the changes happening inside my body, especially in my organs. I had about 5 sessions total and felt immediate changes after the first session I was very pleased with the results of my sessions.  I felt tremendous emotional relief without having to cry. During the first session, I could immediately sense positive energy radiating from Hilary as she worked and I could feel the changes occurring inside my body for the better. Best of all, I noticed the difference between how I felt emotionally, before the session and after. Being a Qigong Instructor, I interact with many local healers. I am pleased to say that Hilary is the most effective of all the healers that have ever worked on me.”~ Sal Canzonieri – Qigong Instructor , Writer/Musician

My 10 year old daughter was recovering from a concussion. As a result of the concussion, she was suffering from headaches and an inability to focus on her schoolwork. Hilary treated her with CranioSacral Therapy. Throughout the course of several treatments my daughter saw the headaches lessen and then disappear. She was able to focus on her schoolwork and go back to the energetic, bouncy child she was before the concussion. Hilary’s concern and care for my daughter was comforting and touching. I would not hesitate to recommend Hilary to others and have since hired her for a personal CST session.”  – Ilene, Librarian

“As a cranial sacral therapist, Hilary is truly one of the best. She’s a very skilled and experienced practitioner and is gifted with wonderful intuition. She’s able to tune-in deeply into the body to determine what’s needed in any given moment and to help articulate the subtle signals which are always being sent whether we choose to pay attention or not. I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone either in some kind of pain or who simply wants to get to know themselves and their internal processes better.” – Michael M, PH.D

“What brought me to Hilary was low back/neck pain. After the treatment, there was a feeling of space, as if I was made taller. There was also a sense of peace or calm, like all my pieces were in order as they should be. One of the biggest benefits was the physical release, with no effort on my part, of old physical and emotional traumas. Things came out of my body that I had not thought about in many years but, I was still carrying them. Some of them were not even my issues; they were other peoples pain or suffering that I had somehow absorbed and carried.  I have participated in many different healing modalities, most with some degree of success or benefit. What I really enjoy about the CranioSacral/Visceral Mobilization work is that I participate by making my energy available, after that it is Hilary’s skill and intuition that is directed to the places in my body that need attention. My body, cells, organs and higher self communicate with her and then stagnation and blockages are released effortlessly.  Hilary is a gifted and talented healer who has a genuine interest in assisting others to heal and improve on all levels. I feel confident recommending her services to anyone who is serious about improving their well being.”  – Mike – business owner

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