Free Yourself from Physical and Emotional Pain

Is this you?

You’ve been living with chronic pain or illness.  You have gone the traditional route by visiting doctors, trying physical therapy, chiropractors and massage … but you’re not any better.

You are a highly sensitive individual. Your body needs support, but more invasive methods of bodywork, and rehabilitation make you feel worse, not better.

You don’t feel heard or understood by your medical doctor.  He tells you it’s all in your head because your tests are normal.

You feel stressed and scattered all the time. You can’t focus.

You are physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted.

You know there must be another way to get better and you want something that is gentle and also powerful to help you heal.  You want to connect to your body’s own self healing mechanisms and inner wisdom for the answers.

I believe the body has the ability to heal itself and sometimes it needs extra support. All the answers lie within us. Our body remembers everything and is wise beyond measure. We must listen as it whispers to us, so we can give it what it needs to create and maintain good physical and emotional health.

Hilary D. Bilkis, LMT, MS  is a Gifted Healer and Intuitive, with 25 years experience. She is the owner of  Awakening Wellness Healing Services, a light touch, hands on healing practice located in Savannah, GA. She works with you in a way that is gentle, compassionate and supportive… READ MORE