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A New Year Prayer

May this be a year, of love and kindness. May strangers come to be friends. May truth and compassion always guide us. Amen May this be a year for hope and healing for all of those in need. May all of our deeds be a blessing. Amen A new year, a good year, a chance […]


OPEN …. ALLOW … UNFOLD stop fighting allow grace in you are guided you are protected you are whole REMEMBER remember me now i have always been here you have forgotten it is time now for you to ARISE…. AWAKEN REMEMBER the truth of who you are a conduit a messenger for divine peace, love […]

Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle I’ve been seeing my client Edith (name changed for privacy), a woman in her 60’s for over a year. She initially came to see me for neck, shoulder, low back and knee pain, associated with past injuries. Most of these issues got better after a series of treatments. […]

One Layer At A Time

“Alice”, a woman in her late 50’s, came to see me for the first time.  She had been suffering from severe fatigue, neck pain, sinus problems, and digestive issues. When doing the initial scan of her body, I noticed how difficult it was to even read her tissue. Upon questioning, she admitted that she does […]